Video Clip Doesn't Exist in the Cloud or is still being updated

Same issues as previous users it just appeared today on both my IOS and Android devices. No Thumbnail pictures but the timestamp does load.

I deleted cache
Reinstalled apps
Reset cameras
And checked SD cards
Downgraded update

If anyone has any luck on how to fix it I’m all ears.
Unless I need to wait for a new update.

It does seem sporadic; the majority of the clips that I check seem okay. It seems that whenever this happens you’re never getting the clip back again from the cloud server.

My problem is that I can’t see anything

Oh that’s different. NONE of your events are playing back? That’s different, and obviously terrible. I just spot checked and mine are okay today. I guess you need to contact support… :frowning:

Same thing going on with mine. Several events in a row. This camera is so glitchy I’m thinking about ditching it. It’s also been recording events not not EVERY event. Like it never manages to catch an event when the mail is delivered. Just seems to skip seeing a person I guess.