Video Downloads - no sound

Sometimes the videos download with sound and sometimes they download without sound. The short 12 second videos download with sound and the paid Complete Motion Capture videos download without sound.
It is the download file itself which does contain the audio. In the Photos App on my iPhone the sound icon is greyed out.
I could hear the sound just fine within the Wyze app, but I need downloaded copies and do not have access to the cameras as they are in a locked down nursing home.

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If you were to view the CMC videos in the event tab, does it have sound there? Make sure the sound button is not muted also. I am not a iphone person, so maybe someone else can chime in with a more specific answer. Have you tried any other movie viewers other than the phone photos app? Could be a decode snafu. Can you send the video to a computer or upload it somewhere else and does the sound work there?

Sorry you are having this issue, hopefully the community here can help you with this!

The sound is fine in the Event tab on the app. However the sound is not being downloaded in the case of Complete Motion Capture videos. Is this a known issue?
Also I am unable to share it with sound.
I opened a ticket with technical support and they closed it without resolving the issue :(.

Searching the forum there are folks that appear to have the same issue as you. What version of the app and what firmware is on the cameras that this is happening to you on? In a post a user was having the same issue, but upgrading the app fixed it. Still looking into it…

Thank you for the reply :slight_smile:

My version is which appears to be up to date.

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That is the camera firmware, what app version are you on? Is it up to date? Are you on a beta app? The other issue I saw was fixed by updating the app (that was a few versions ago though, late last year).

Also what was your support ticket number?