No sound on downloaded videos

So I’m having the same issue as others on here. No sound on downloaded videos. I have the paid subscription on both cameras. Downloading to a Pixel 3 with V2 cameras. No sound. I read a few other posts about this and then did a support request, but at the end it wouldn’t let me submit it because it said it “couldn’t find a good answer”. It gave me the choice to re-word my question, or ask another question. Is there an answer for this yet? I’ve downloaded quite a few videos that have my grandkids in them, only to find out there’s no sound.


Hi @dougfaddis,

If you go the the camera settings (gear icon), then Advanced Settings, is the Record Sound switch on or off? If it’s off, there’s the problem. If it’s on…

When you say downloaded videos, are those videos in the Events tab that you are playing back within the app? If there’s no sound when played back via the Events tab, have you checked that the sound icon (speaker symbol) does not have a slash through it? Or is there sound when played back through the app but not if you actually download the video via the Share button?

Regarding submitting a support request, I’m not sure what you’re seeing but we are looking into it. However, your best bet is to submit the request directly in the app via Account > Help & Feedback > Report an Issue. This method will allow you to include an app log for diagnosis and will generate an email to


Have you tried the VLC player app ?