Video Doorbell V1 bricked by adding Color Bulb

Have a wired Video Doorbell V1 online, operating normally, along with other Wyze products in our home. Added a Color Bulb to the front door overhead light socket… not only did the doorbell stop working (will not connect), but we also found that it also is completely bricked - will not even power up - dead. We have reset the circuit breaker…no joy. Not sure how to troubleshoot further when we no longer can even get any response from the device. We removed the Color Bulb and put a plain old standard light bulb in…the replaced bulb is working, but the doorbell remains dead.

It may be the fused link or another part of the power delivery setup failing to deliver a working closed circuit to the doorbell from the transformer.

Pull the device from the base and disconnect the wires. In the back, there is a micro USB power port covered by a rubber plug. Use a micro USB cord plugged into a Wyze Power Adapter or other Cell Phone charger to see if the doorbell will power up.

If it does, you have a power delivery problem from your transformer. If it doesn’t, it is fried.