Video doorbell issue

During a thunderstorm I had a power surge and my video doorbell has not worked since. I turned the breaker on and off and it did not reset it. Now what do I do?

Is it not turning back on, or are you having connection issues ? If the light is not turning on at all, check the fuse and see if it’s intact.

It’s possible the transformer was damaged. You can remove the doorbell and power via microsd understand the rubber cover to verify the doorbell wasn’t fried.

Did you install the fuse wire during install?


I believe removing that removing that micro usb cover will void the warranty, so they should take that into consideration before doing so.

I don’t recall seeing that stated anywhere


Well then… I’ve seen it now, I stand corrected!

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Anyway we can use an after market fuse? what size fuse is it?

I don’t see why not but I’m not sure what size fuse it is, I googled it & didn’t find any info on it.