Video Doorbell Reliability - Recent Firmware Changes

I’ve had my Video Doorbell installed for some time now and it worked flawlessly for months (even through the cold winter).

Now, since the last two firmware updates, reliability has dropped significantly.

When consulting it through the app, it regularly gets stuck during the connection process (whichever phase but mostly phase 3). If I wait long enough, it sometimes goes through - which defies the purpose of this device. Sometimes, I have to remotely restart it.

Last week, it was completely inoperative with even the impossibility to remote-restart it. According to the FAQ, it needed a power-cycle which is not especially easy when hard-wired (the sole reason I got this model). After unplugging one wire from the transforming and putting it back, it came to life again.

This morning, someone rang the doorbell and I never got the notification. Looked at the camera through the app few minutes later and, surprisingly, no issues. But it was inoperative when the person came in.

My doorbell is showing strong WiFi access, my networking environment is extremely stable with several connected devices never showing any failure sign. The problem is very unlikely in the operating environment.

In the end, the instability makes this device close to useless considering its purpose.
The troubling part is that it was all working fine until few weeks ago.