Video doorbell pro working with Echo Show

Hello, I have a Vido doorbell pro and an Echo Show 5. The person detected at back door announcement happen after you walk right into the house. Is there a way to speed up the time from detection to announcement?

About how many seconds is the delay? Do you get the notification on your phone earlier?

Internet speed is the main factor here, but even with super fast internet 5 seconds is reasonable.

What’s your upload and download speed from your phone? Make sure your standing near the doorbell. Try near the show as well.

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Does this happen all fo the time, at night, or during the day? Also, what is the Firmware version of your Video Doorbell Pro?

I set my sensitivity up to High with no Detection Zones. In addition, Do you have Cam Plus? If so you can set Notifications for AI Only.

Here are my settings for comparison. I get notifications as someone approaches my front door:


thanks for the information last week my tower went down for my internet. So it is alot slower now that my dish is on the ground. but 2.90 download and 1.69 upload. Yes I do have cam plus. Most of my setting are the same will try with all motion before I had AI events only. Thanks for the help