Video Doorbell Pro - Different Notification

I was wondering if there is a way to get a different type of notification to differentiate between motion and when someone is actually ringing the doorbell. Right now I get the same alert chime but the banner message would say “Someone is calling you”. I used to have a Ring doorbell (and I have one at my mom’s) and when someone rings the doorbell, a notification will come up but an audio will play of “Someone is at your Ring video doorbell”. This makes it easier to know that someone is at the front door versus hearing the chime and ignoring it. I was out of town and my wife missed the notification and was not aware that people were at the front door.

Other items of note

  1. I have this camera shared with my wife so any changes would have to apply to her. For example, I tried the VOIP but that shows up on my phone only and she gets the same alert.
  2. We are both iOS users
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Welcome to the forum! @ian.cordova

You can set up VOIP, which is basically when someone presses the doorbell button you will get a phone call instead of a regular Wyze notification.

You can enable this . On the wyze app , account > notifications > push notifications > voice over IP, and toggle in on

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Thank you Rulwiz! Sorry I didn’t realize to check on my wife’s phone to enable that. I thought if I enabled it on my phone (I am the primary) that it would propagate to her phone but at first it didn’t until I enabled it .

A couple of follow ups.

  1. Is there a way to prevent the live mic from automatically turning on?
  2. I noticed a couple of times, the screen was black and the live feed never appeared.
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Can you go into further detail of this .

I’m assuming that when you open the doorbell on the app, the microphone automatically turns on? Is that what you’re saying …

Yes that is correct. I would prefer to see the live view but the mic should be muted by default.

Hmm so I did some testing and I opened the video doorbell pro on the app and I didn’t notice the “microphone” turning on .

Which is on are you referring to ? The one of the left or the one on the right ?

The one on the left is the sound icon and the one in the right is the microphone icon


Sorry Rulwiz. That was my fault. I had mistaken that and assumed it was on when the sound was on. My apologies for the confusion. Thanks for the help!

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