2-way audio on Video doorbell pro?

Has anyone been testing the Doorbell Pro?

My concern at this point is the 2-way audio.

How quickly does it connect when activated?

Are there any delays when either side talks?

What is the sound quality both directions?

Getting frustrated when waiting 5 to 10 seconds to connect to other devices. Then same delays for voices. Also, just being hard to hear them, or for them to hear me.


I don’t have the new Doorbell but do have the original one. I don’t seem to have the 5 to 10 seconds delay in connecting to my devices. Wonder what the difference would be.

Within the last few months, I have updated my router as I was experiencing other issues. Since changing my router, I have been quite pleased. Not saying to do this, but wanted you to know my experience.

Can you provide the version numbers of the devices you have so we can do a comparison and see if there is a difference between you and I?

The delay I am talking about is two fold. When there is motion, there is a delay before the alert pops up. After clicking the alert, another delay until the connection happens. I have a Ring Peephole, also had their Doorbell two.

For actual Doorbell pushes, or knock alerts, same issue. Delays vary. They come up at different times across my cell phone, my wife’s, and a iPad I have set up. The delays are also as noted, someone outside talks and 5 seconds or more later their voice comes across on my phone. Same delay when I answer.

I had worse issues with my WCO. Huge delays for motion detection. And forget the microphone actually providing clear sound or the speaker.

If the Doorbell works like the WCO when answering and talking. it is worthless.