Video Doorbell Pro not uploading videos to cloud

Video is not uploading since last update. I have worked with support, but they couldn’t solve my issue.


@BBQBOSS thanks for reporting this issue. Can you send the MAC address for your Video Doorbell along with the time of any of the events that didn’t upload to @WyzeDesmond please? He is looking into this issue and giving him this information will help him to be able to resolve it. You can Direct Message him if you would like, or if you struggle to figure out how to send him a PM, you may Direct Message it to me by clicking on my username on the left hand side and select “Message” and I will be sure to pass it on to him for you as well.

I am having the same issue. I have uploaded a series of longs from today for a series of events which show captured but there is no cloud playback for. Things were working fine until about two days ago

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By all means, you and anyone else with this issue can also message Wyze Desmond: Profile - WyzeDesmond - Wyze Forum

Send him the MAC address for your VDBPro and the time when events should’ve uploaded, but did not.