Video Doorbell Pro Battery Life

I got the ne video doorbell pro. Th build quality is good it connected easily and had good video quality and is responsive when button is pushed or when motion is detected people or packages. The issue I have noticed with my device and usage is the battery charge drops from 100% down below 20% in about a week (7 days). I switched off all detection modes and only have it record when doorbell is pressed and the max had been 7 days (sunday to sunday)… It is winder in New York city but for some that goes outside i’m sure Wyze took temperature in mind. Seven days is far cry from3 to 6 months. Anyone else having this issue.

Winter in my area as well.

My video doorbell pro is at 56% and it’s been out since early December below is a thread that has has a lot of discussion about the battery drainage and how I have my settings. It has been pretty optimal for me.

Thanks for the response that’s actually the same settings I have with exception of my sensitivity is low where you had medium. It was at 100% Sunday and it @ 70% today Tuesday evening.

Oh forgot the temp had been around 30 deg Fahrenheit plus or minus a few degrees last few days

I’m having the same issue. I have 2 doorbell pro cams and I don’t see any way they’ll hold battery for the states 3-6 months. If I’m lucky I could get 2 weeks with minimal viewing and if I stop using the front door. Is there a setting that is particularly heavy on battery usage?

I’m having the same issue. I never would have bought it if I knew the battery was not going to last the six months that wyze said that it would. I do not see how they could make that statement. I have everything turn off except for when the bell is press and I am lucky to make 1 month in the summer. I feel that I have been swindled

After some time and updates my door cams have begun to get longer battery life. It’s still not great but 3 months is reasonable. The only thing I’m doing is recording less and lower sensitivity.

“Up to 6 month battery life” means the battery will be rechargeable up to 6 months. Each actual charge is good approximately 2 weeks. Do you have to buy a new battery . . . Or a whole new doorbell??!??

The battery life has improved to reflect the advertised in the weeks after original post.

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