Video Doorbell not reading QR Code

Trying to hook up doorbell, and get to the part where it asks to scan qr code with doorbell, but nothing happens when I hold up the qr code with my phone. Just keeps flashing yellow.

I have heard of some people having issues scanning the code in low light conditions, you may try to do it when its lighter outside (assuming you weren’t doing it in daylight already)

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To add on to @WyzeJasonJ, make sure the brightness on your phone is turned up past 70% (it can be turned back down after setup).
Also make sure the protective film is off of the doorbell camera lens.

Okay, finally got it to see the code. Love the video, and the blue light that someone complained about in another post, is not problem. Very pleased so far. Only thing is that it doesn’t alert me when someone walks in front of it.