Door bell not scanning QR Code

Does anyone have issues with the door bell not scanning the QR Code ??

Hello @eye.em.ent and welcome to the community

I did not have that issue, a few things to check: Any plastic lens protector that may have been there for shipping is removed, make sure the entire QR code is visible on your phone when you try to have the doorbell read it, change the brightness on your phone as it may help the doorbell to read it


Ok great. I removed the plastic that was covering the lens of the camera. Just to be sure I grab a micro fiber towel and wipe it clean to be sure nothing was on the lens. I will try to play around with the brightness during the day time. Maybe the night mode of the camera prevents the door bell from scanning correctly. Im praying the brightness is the trick. Fingers crossed. Thank you for such a fast reply. I Appreciate it !


Any updates eye.em.ent ?? I am having the same issue. Just received my doorbell Camera and it wont scan QR.

I have 1 hardwired Wyze camera, 1 base station and 3 wireless cameras. Do I need to split my Network name?

Hello. So it finally took the scan. Seems like if you are trying to have the camera scan the QR code at night you will have that problem. I woke up the next morning and the door bell took the scan immediately.

Sadly still not working for me during daylight :frowning:

Sorry to hear that. Maybe grab a micro fiber towel and clean the lens of the camera. Also you can hold the bar code upside down and see if that works. Fingers crossed.

Tried cleaning it with a microfiber as well, but will try the upside down suggestion :upside_down_face:

QR scan finally scanned. I did have to wait till daylight and the upside down QR code worked. Thanks for the help

Mine arrived yesterday, I’m now trying to scan this qr code and nothing works​:person_facepalming::person_facepalming::person_facepalming:

If it’s dark where you are that will be the issue. You would have to scan it during day light.

Same problem here. Tried for 15 min, with 100% brightness on-screen, flipped upside down, reset device, etc. I’ve had no problem setting up 6 diff wyze cameras in the past. Seems there is a defect with the doorbell cam.

Thanks for the info about QR code scanning issues being more prevalent at night. Spent about 15 minutes playing around with it until I finally searched on the issue. To get mine scanned at night, here’s what I did:

  • Turned off my porch light (which is in direct view of the camera).
  • Stood in front of my doorbell with the phone/QR code placed against my solid-colored t-shirt.
  • Held a flashlight against the same wall as the doorbell, pointing it at me.
  • Tilted the phone to reduce glare from the flashlight.

The deciding factors definitely seemed to be the flashlight and the solid color of my shirt in the background. Since the QR code takes up almost the whole screen on my phone, I think there wasn’t much else for the camera to use as a reference for depth perception/focusing. Having the light source come from the same direction as the camera also helps with focusing.

I suspect that this is more of an issue on the doorbell camera because there really is nothing close for the camera to focus on; with other cameras, you’re usually setting up in an area where the camera view is within a few feet of the floor/ceiling/nearby wall, and it can see those in the background to help with depth perception.

I FINALLY FIGURED OUT how to fix the QR code not scanning for my doorbell camera! I had an app email mixup and had to set up my doorbell again under a different email address. I could NOT get it to scan until I put something dark behind my phone when I scanned it. I had an amazon package in a bag (about 30" x 30") and held it behind my phone as a backdrop then scanned and it worked. I had tried 20+ times before using all the tips suggested in the threads and Wyze support page. I hope this helps someone. I was ready to throw it in the trash and get a Ring Doorbell.

My Wyze doorbell is flashing yellow. I cannot get the QR code to scan. I have blacked out the background, turned the QR code upside down, held the reset button down while scanning and still nothing. This shouldn’t be this difficult. I am using and Apple XR phone so the screen is not too small and I have increased the brightness on the screen. Any suggestions?

I am right there with you. Last night I was ready to pack it up and mail it back. Still cannot get it connected today. It might be in the mail tomorrow.

Hello. I finally got mine to pair. Two things to try…one, in your Wyze app, is camera set as a permission? Two, I put something darker behind my phone as a background when I scanned the QR code in front of the doorbell. I had tried numerous times (15+) but I had an Amazon envelope package on my porch and I put it behind my phone and it scanned immediately after I did that. I was about ready to throw it in the trash and buy a Ring doorbell.

Please let me know if these help.

Where in the Wyze app is the camera permissions

Thanks for your reply. I am sending this back to them. We have tried and tried. It shouldn’t have to be this hard. I’m done! Steve

Go to your apps in your phone and find Wyze. Look for permissions and make sure camera and location are both enabled.

So putting something about 15x15 behind your phone when scanning the QR code didn’t work? Also, make sure your wifi is actually connected and not offline.