Video doorbell freeze & restart on ring

Received doorbell today and promptly installed. Video and sound look good over live view, but pressing the doorbell button freezes the camera and forces a reboot. At first it was populating a notification on my iOS device, and when attempting to accept the call the camera would freeze/reboot ~2s into the call. Now it just freezes the moment someone hits the ringer and sends no notification / no sound to the chime. Seems fairly useless in it’s current state hah.

Anyone else experiencing this? I even tried resetting the camera and setting it up again, but that didn’t seem to solve anything either.

Doorbell firmware:
Chime firmware:

App devices
iPhone 12 Pro
OnePlus 7

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What kind of transformer do you have hooked into the camera? I am thinking it’s a lack of power issue. How do you have the camera wired up?

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Uh, not sure. It was two wires hooked into the original equipment. I attached the two extension wires to those with the wire nuts, then attached the hook portions under the screw terminals.

It does seem almost like voltage to me, as when I disable the white LED feature it seems to work at least somewhat stable. Not sure what’s going on with that hah.

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do you happen to have/ know how to use a multi meter?

you could pull the doorbell off the mount and test it at the contacts to see what voltage it is getting.

I would hunt down the transformer and see what you have there is you can. might be an older system.

I do, the voltage thing didn’t hit me as a possibility b/c it acted so much like a firmware failure/bug with the timing. I’ll get out there and test it after work today to see what’s pulling through / update here with findings. If it turns out that it’s an under voltage problem, I assume that would mean either the transformer is no good anymore (or needs upgrading, house is early 80s), or the wiring has issues further up the line (like chewing) and I’ve got bigger problems now. Either way, I appreciate you all pointing me to voltage!

Sounds like the camera may have enough juice to live stream, but once there is another action that would pull more power, it gets to low and restarts.

You can test this during the day when your away by enabling night vision and turning on the IR lights. That’ll pull a little extra juice, and see what happens.

Hopefully this is an easy fix for ya!

@enramos.jr Did you find out if voltage was the problem? I am having the exact same issue?

Yea I’m having the same issue sometimes. Sometimes it works fine other times it reboots on press, our condos were just built so not having enough power doesn’t seem likely.

Sorry, just got around to checking - I’m reading 14.65vac at the terminals so it’s definitely looking like an under voltage issue. The Wyze doorbell requires 16vac. Going to try and get that remedied here soon!

@AEI It was absolutely the voltage as the others had suggested. I swapped the old transformer out for a 16VAC/30A transformer and now it’s working flawlessly. If you’re having similar issues, I’d definitely see what voltage is coming out at the doorbell itself and proceed from there.

Thanks everyone!


@enramos.jr Thank you for posting your experience. I was having this same issue and after finding this thread I took your suggestions.

Checked the voltage with a multimeter at the doorbell and read 10V. When I went to the transformer it read 11V. My home is 56 years old. So swapped the transformer and so far it’s been working flawlessly.

Thank you everyone for your contribution to this thread!