Video Doorbell Factory Reset

My doorbell is already installed. Can I factory reset the video doorbell without removing it from the door. All I want is to reset WiFi settings?

No need to factory reset for the wifi info, just do the initial install all over again. Remove from mount enought to press the setup button. Welcome to the forums!


Thank you for your prompt response. ! am trying to avoid removing the camera from the mount as it seems like I have to apply a lot of pressure on it and not sure if the mount is strong enough to withstand it. Basically, I feel it will break. :slight_smile: I would expect some kind of software way to initiate it?
Thank you again for your help

Welcome @gershe!

Unfortunately this isn’t currently an option. You’ll have to remove it to factory reset.

A Wyze team member once said that you apply pressure to it upwards, and it will feel like it will break, but it won’t. There is also the thin knife method, when you slide the knife in the side to pop the tab from the back. Once you realize that it does take a little extra oomph to release it, it’ll be ok and you’ll get it no prob.

Go to about 3:40 in the vid.

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Would there be any security issues with making the reset button accessible on the bottom of the doorbell, rather than having to remove the doorbell to get to the back of it?

Welcome @bgh!
If the reset button was on the outside f the doorbell, someone could just push it and disable the doorbell by resetting it. Even if a reset button/option was added to the app, that wouldn’t work if the doorbell was disconnected from the WiFi network.