Can't find the reset button on my doorbell cam

So I had to wipe my phone but I forgot to deactivate the two-factor authentication. Now I have to reset ALL of my Wyze devices. It’s been a long process. That latest one I’ve had to reset is my my Video Doorbell Pro. Can someone tell me where I can find the reset button to return the device to factory settings? I need an image. There’s a power button on the back and it doesn’t seem to be the reset button.


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The Video Doorbell v1 has a reset button on the back. pressing that will allow you to Pair it again, here is a link:

How to factory reset your Wyze Video Doorbell – Wyze

The Video Doorbell pro has a power button on the back as well. But it actually connects through the Chime. Here is a link on how to reset the Pro version of the doorbell:

How do I factory reset Wyze Video Doorbell Pro? – Wyze


Thank you… I didn’t think to look at the chime to reset.



Btw, Wyze now let’s you setup email or SMS as a backup method for 2fa. You may wanna set that up so this doesn’t happen again.