Disable Wyze Cam connecting to wifi

Just installed Wyze cam. This is a house we are moving into next month. No broadband or wifi setup yet and I get a chime every minute saying it’s not connected. How can I disable this without disconnecting the wiring.

Delete the device from the app and install it when you move in.

The App now notifies of cameras losing WiFi connection?

To use the cam without wifi it will be mostly a brick. It could be set to continuously record (suppose maybe slight chance of the other way working) and then simply have wifi removed (that is unplugging the router) after it was setup on wifi and it shouldn’t complain at all - I’ve “disabled wifi” at times while switching routers, etc. But, it may have a continuous heartbeat issue.

Again though, you can’t do much with it or even connect to it via the app without wifi lol. So I don’t know why you even want to try.

Without the internet you wouldn’t be able to receive anything while not at the house.

I can’t remember if you could view the recorded files from the sd card directly or not. That would be the only possible reason to do this.

There is no wifi. The house is empty. Not moved in yet. Can I connect to the camera without wifi in the app? I didn’t think that would have worked. I need some way of disabling the door bell completely. It was a mistake installing it this early. But it took me a while and I’ll have to undo the wiring all over again. Was hoping to avoid it.

You could try connecting to a phone hotspot to install the camera as long as the hit spot is active near the doorbell, but the Wyze doorbell v1 does nothing as far as recording video to the cloud without wifi/internet, also there’s also no SD card in the camera for any continuous local recording.

These cameras are very wifi/internet dependant.

The Video Doorbell is useless without internet. You can’t complete setup and it won’t operate without it. Unless you plan to have WiFi there, there is no reason to have it in the app at all. Use the pencil icon in the top right of the app, edit devices, delete the doorbell. Do a setup when you install the WiFi. Unplug the chime until you install it.

Let me try the hotspot. Thanks.

It’s not the chime device. It’s the doorbell itself that is complaining.

Shut the breaker to the doorbell off.

Yeah. I tried that. Unfortunately, it’s shutting off the external lights as well that I’d like to leave on. But that’s the last option.

The doorbell is easy to dismount from the mounting bracket. Pull it off, pull the two wires from the lugs one at a time, cap them, and wait to install it.

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