Video Doorbell Almost Useless

After several months I have come to the conclusion that the video doorbell is almost useless. Mine is mounted in an alcove and keeps sending out alert notification to the tune of 20-30 per day or more. The detection has been decreased time and time again with no relief. Even with it down to 15% and the detection zone set to include only the alcove area is still goes off constantly but when viewing the alert footage there is nothing there. I also have a v1 camera in the alcove that has been there since before the doorbell was installed and it only goes off when someone is actually there or a bug crawls across the lens.
I’ll be replacing it shortly.

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Sorry your having issues with the video doorbell.

Can you clarify if it’s a video doorbell pro (battery optional) or non pro (small, white, square button and lense)

Can you enable motion tagging and see what’s causing the alert? Send a video?

Neither of your questions are pertinent. It doesn’t matter what’s triggering it. It sends notifications constantly all day and reviewing the footage shows nothing moving in the frame of view.


Go into your settings > notifications > turn off “all other motion events”

I can’t help troubleshoot any further if I don’t know what model devices it is (as they function very differently).

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They are so that it can be determined what your camera initial detection system is, weither it’s a pixel detection or pir detection. I am assuming you have the wired VDB, which is pixel detection. In you events. Is there any pixel change at all? Lighting, color, shadows etc? Able to post a video or few of your problem events?

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