Vibrating Metronome for Wyze Band


I love all of your ever evolving products. I recently came across a product ( wristband style) that’s sole
Functionality is to buzz the users wrist in accordance to the tempo ( bpm) that they set prior to performing a song onstage. This is a highly useful function and the company charges above $100 for this product. With that said, I can’t imagine that the coding behind this would be particularly complex , and would be a great and what I assume would be a simple feature to add to the wristband. Just a thought. You guys are rad and I appreciate your innovation. Keep killing it.

David Dow

This would be a useful feature in the Wyze watches as well, and it would probably be easier to design a UI for that on the watch’s larger screen. Though the haptic motor probably isn’t that powerful, so I’m not sure how strong the vibrations would feel if you were moving your arms around.

Soundbrenner makes a smartwatch with a vibrating metronome as a primary feature, but it’s a lot more expensive (~$200) and also lacks many of the other features of the Wyze watch, especially the health-oriented ones.

There are also some other standalone vibrating metronome products out there, like