Very unreliable connections

My cameras have been working well for a while, not perfect and they haven’t been since about a year ago when there was a big outage but they’ve been still working OK.

But now very frequently I’m not able to connect to all of my cams (all v3 with latest firmware). I can connect to some but not others. Then I try again and I can connect to others but not the ones that were just working. They’ll get stuck at connecting 1/3.

These cameras are all on the same wifi with 500mbps down/100mbps up. Every one is connected to a mesh router system with multiple backhauls and with excellent signal.

When I try to view the cameras I’m on the same wifi network. This problem seems to be extra bad when there’s motion detected. Then it definitely would guarantee I would not be able to connect to that camera until the motion has long ended.

Separately it’s gotten to be near impossible for me to connect via my cellular connection (about 15mbps/5mbps).

The only potential hiccup is I’m in Mexico though our connection to the US is just fine (I work remotely and I’ve never felt my internet connection is any different than when I was in the US).

What potentially can be wrong? What server addresses are the cameras connecting to so I can perhaps run some trace routes?

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