Live feed jumps when not on WiFi

When not connected to Wi-Fi my cameras jump 2 to05 seconds and live feed, makes it difficult to keep track of any movement , are there any fixes for this

Cameras not on wifi or your phone isn’t on wifi? Didn’t think the cameras worked without wifi.

This is a known issue that is being investigated. More info here:


I think it has to do with “speed” of internet. I have no problems with my cams except for when I’m on cellular data on a weak signal. I’ve done a speed test and found the data speed deplorable in this case. At home on the WiFi, everything works properly, except in the after noon. I’ve tested my WiFi speeds and have more than 12Mb upload and 200Mb download so I’m assuming that it has something to do with the server that this all goes through. I have no idea where it’s located but I think the link between the cams, the server and the app get congested somewhere along the way. If the server is over seas, there could be a choke point at certain times of the day. On TinyCam pro, while this is happening, everything is just fine, so it’s not the cams.