Very low kb/s with 99% wifi signal

I am constantly having this problem on one of my v2 cams, Even in SD mode it has very low kb/s speed, sometimes even dropping out, wifi strength is 99% . It’s not very far from the router. Anyone experiencing this issue.


Yea, we have three cameras (two v2 and CamPan) for evaluation purposes, plus two more at a remote location.

And it’s not just the kb/s - it’s the “connection sequence”, you know the “Connecting 1 of 2”, “2 of 3”, “3 of 3” … those three steps can take anywhere from 10 seconds to 30+ seconds. Very Annoying.

But I understand the constraints of a $30 camera … so the quality of the WiFi antenna is selected accordingly.

However, if camera “a” connects within 10 seconds at 8am, it should do the same at 11am and 2pm and 11pm … but they don’t… very inconsistent.

And I do see the speed fluctuate wildly … many times down to zero and then the connection drops. And this is for a camera that’s 30 feet away from main router.

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While you may have a bad cam, it’s more likely that you have network problems. Good signal strength at your cam’s location is only one of many things required for a stable HD connection and streaming. You need a strong, “clean”, reliable signal and adequate network bandwidth both inside your house on your local network and to/from your house by your service provider. Most people with multiple cams and streaming entertainment solve their internal network problems by switching to a wireless mesh network. I replaced my conventional router and extender/repeater network with a mesh network and replaced my cable broadband service with fiber service. We’ve been problem-free since with a lower monthly bill.

Try swapping cams and see if the “good” cam ends up with the same issue.

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Yes, I been have this issue also on some cams …

Usually when I reboot the cam affected the speed increase from 100 - 160 Kb/s. Before rebooting it drops to 0 - 40 Kb/s speed,

Also, you might want to check your ISP and see if they’re throttling your network speed usually at peak time …

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Thanks for the followup. I’m a Software Engineer with 30+ years experience and 10+ years experience as a Site Reliability Engineer, so I am well versed with networking.

I have networking hardware that is FAR beyond what the average person has. or the average “technically advanced home network person” has. All my gear is commercial grade … FWIW, all OTHER devices on my network, near and far, outperform … so “swapping” is not an option : )

My reply was to the OP. I didn’t even read your post. I retired from the world of communications and software engineering and have an entire floor of my house dedicated as a development shop and multi-platform testbed. I’m not sure what that has to do with the existence or non-existence of network problems. In my case, using a spectrum analyzer and a LAN sniffer, I determined that my “drop-outs” were caused by two problems. The people 3 houses up the street (a bunch of “network engineers”) amp-boosted the APs inside their house to the point that all channels across my 2.4GHz spectrum were washed out. In addition, being the last house at the end of the street under a cable-based broadband topology, when kids came home from school and fired up their gaming consoles while streaming whatever, my bandwidth degraded. Add parents coming home between 5-7pm and I lost up to 90% of my bandwidth until around midnight when everyone went to sleep. I already wrote how I solved my networking problems. I’m not going to share how I solved my problems with the people 3 houses up the street as I don’t need the FCC knocking on my door. :grinning:

Your problems are also twofold. As an engineer yourself, if you read here what the “1, 2, 3” sequence actually entails with regards to what is being validated, connected and maintained at each stage, combined with which lags/fails the most often and takes the longest to complete, and record what is going on within your n/w at the time with a LAN analyzer, you should be able to find the main cause of dropouts. Or you could just abandon wireless for POE and be done with it.

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I want to know. I have band practice to deal with! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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I used to be one of those kids you have to deal with. :laughing: We came to an amicable agreement… The parents of 2 households across the street pitched in $20/mo to rent us 4 hrs/wk on Sat at the American Legion hall up the street. Peace in the neighborhood and we surprised them by repaying once we secured paying gigs. :sweat_smile: