What is a good KB/s

I got my cameras all hooked up. They look ok, the KB/s is kind of low. What is a good number?

My cameras look a bit pixelated and choppy. So I went out and bought a new router and I didn’t actually do anything. Two of the cameras say the Wi-Fi signal is 100% and one of them says 85%

I’d like to have them in HD but at times The cameras will drop the signal. The furthest camera from the router is probably 30 feet. We have a small house so all of the cameras are not very far away from the router.

I helped my dad hook up his cameras and his look great and they are running HD. His router is actually Tucktaway in a room so it’s actually pretty far from his cameras and his still look good.

I have 2 pan cams and 1 V2 cam

Any ideas?

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