All cams (V2) down on 1 network

I’ve been missing in action since about January but at least my cams had still been working.

I’m running Android v2.14.24.
I’ve got cams in northern Virginia and northeast Mississippi (where I’m physically at sheltering from Covid 19).
Cams in Virginia are functioning.
My DSL ISP in Ms has had very slow speeds. I had been getting 6Mb/s, about 0.75 up and found I could only reliably run 3 cams down here for the most part.

On 9/26/2020 at about noon I was able to view the Mississippi cams. Then the next time I went to view them about 1800 (6pm) I could not connect. I could and can still connect to the Virginia cams with my devices.
The network is running fine AFAIK, I can surf etc…
I’ve rebooted the cams, the router, the DSL modem.
I suspect the ISP might have changed something because all of a sudden I’m getting download speeds up to a whopping 10Mbps (we were only paying for 7) and download speeds around a dismal 0.5 Mbps (per Ookla Speed test). But I can’t contact them until Monday and the ISP is Mississippi bred.`

I tried to hook up another cam but it timed out after reading the UPC code.

Any suggestions to get my 3 cams back working?
Questions for the ISP?`

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Have you tried temporarily using the production app v2.13.119 to see if the cams will connect?

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No, I had not,

Welcome back! Only remaining suggestion that comes to mind is restart the router. Obviously something changed so might as well go for the trifecta.

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Got the t-shirt

/edit -
An example of my ISP support level -
I’d had the present ISP DSL modem & router for about 3 years and was starting to get “dropouts” with no network connection for 15 minutes every other day. So I call up support for a modem replacement. The guy comes out and gives me this line of BS that it was probably a “kink” in my phone line (which hadn’t moved or changed in 8 years). I demanded a replacement modem. He relented, then after giving it to me he told me he’d see me next week,
I did NOTHING to the phone line. But I haven’t seen more than an occasional drop since.
That was back about May.
I fire off a ping every 5 minutes and maybe lose 1 or two a day.


Happy to hear :+1:

From what you described unless All your cameras are defective I would have to believe you are suffering from some kind of interference or environmental issues.

Maybe Global Warming? Seriously though connectivity is unlikely to be compromised on multiple devices simultaneously due to a fault on the device. Unlikely but not impossible. Definitely a head scratcher.

Personally I have replaced all but 1 Wyze camera with other brands. That said I have given away a number of them, two of which have been subsequently shared back to me and they are functioning flawlessly in their new homes.

I have “easy access” to one camera so last night I power cycled it with and it still would not connect. And I was unable to “ping” it.
This morning after 0730 it came back on line, The other two remained offline and I could not connect. I went around and powercycled them and they came back on line.
Not good.

Didn’t change software or anything.

Back to my Covid 19 hermit life.

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