Vertical Panning Reversed

All cameras in the house on version
When panning left or right, it works how I’d expect, pulling from right to left pans the camera right.

But panning vertically, pulling from top to bottom, pans the camera to towards the bottom, not the top, like you’d expect from the left/right panning.

The wheel works as expected, but not pulling/panning on the image.

Beta version 2.11.32

You’re right. I had never noticed, but I only have two Pan cameras and almost never move them…

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I reported that with the previous beta. I thought they were going to fix it for this release, guess not.

I found my post. It’s a firmware problem.

My post.

Noted and reported to the firmware team so they can check if a fix was implemented and the problem is persisting or if we haven’t addressed it yet.

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Thanks for reporting the issue! It is fixed in our next round of f/w release. We released for Alpha testing today. If everything goes well, we will move to Beta next week.

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Fixed in (beta firmware)

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