Verify bandwidth

I am having issues with one of my cam pan’s live streaming, Wyze support says to make sure the cam is connected 2.4 gHZ bandwidth of my wifi system, I totally concur with this.
Trouble is, there is another cam pan but 6 inches away on the opposite side of a beam where the non-streaming camera is and it functions just fine.
Don’t these cams select the optimum bandwidth on their own?
My wifi system is a dual band Linksys Velop mesh setup of which I could change the password for just the 2.4 bandwidth section and assign that to the camera in question, however I am hesitant to do this because I’ve many other wireless devices which probably use 2.4 gHZ, requiring me to re-connect all those devices.
Does anyone know of a way in the app to verify what camera is operating on 2.4 gHZ instead of 5 gHZ?

All Wyze cams operate on the 2.4ghz band only. They don’t have a 5ghz radio at all.


Thanks for your response.
Seems as though the support “rep” who instructed me was full of it…
Calling them right now