"Vehicle" detected on Wyze Cam v3

As a test, go extra wide and see if it still triggers a Vehicle Tag. Then dial it back to a comfortable level.

DZ’s are trial & error as every FOV is unique

Widening the DZ has helped a lot. Thanks again for your help!

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My pleasure! Glad it is helping! It is a science to tune each cam.

Moving vehicle detection can’t come quick enough !!!

How about all 3 :laughing:

That’s what we pay Wyze for

You’re paying Wyze for features that have never existed and haven’t even been developed yet?

We pay for Wyze services and they hire on the personnel who are working on setting up moving vehicle detection!

I ran across this eight month old post today, and I’m certainly glad I did! Your help & solution with Afj99’s “vehicle detection” problem certainly helped me with my similar “vehicle detection” problem! I was getting vehicle notifications every time the wind would blow our trees! The shadows blowing across the driveway would set off vehicle detection alerts. I followed your advice & put our parked vehicles in a larger Exclusion DZ area. Now the tree shadows are being detected as motion & not vehicles! :+1: Not only did you help Afj99, but, you helped me as well…eight months later!
Thanks again! :slightly_smiling_face:


I am glad it helped! That is the main reason all these threads remain archived so that users like you can search the forum and find a solution or answers to their questions! Kudos to you for your search initiative! :+1:

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Hi. I’m glad it helped!


Wyze needs to change the software to only pick up moving vehicles it seems to be a very easy fix but maybe not.


I agree. There are lots of issues with Wyze and their AI technology. If I didn’t have a Wyze doorbell (that has LOTS of issues too. Can’t see Events now), and my outdoor camera, I would switch. I keep hoping they will fix all of them but they haven’t. They just keep making new devices (scales, vacuums, keyless smart locks, gun safes, etc) before correcting the current products.

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I do have 15 V3 cameras that work flawlessly at the moment I have them all set at 50% for detection and I have them all set to detect all motion but I only get notified for a person so far everything works perfectly except for the battery cameras. But I never rely on one system I also have four ring cameras that always give me first notifications only by two or three seconds but they do come in first but no doubt about it my wyze cameras do way more than the ring and that’s why I keep them. When my wyze cameras are working they blow away the competition for the price… The picture might be 1080p but it’s Crystal clear day or night I can’t say that about my ring the picture quality is low. I love my 24/7 recording which ring does not have.

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Wow, I wish I could say the same about my Wyze V3. I get a motion notification if my gardenia leaves blow in the wind and I have it set to 40%. Since I have a Dodge Ram 1500 always in the driveway, just to keep from getting a vehicle notification whenever I get a motion, pet, etc, I have to have the exclusion DZ Zone so it covers even the shadows of the truck which keeps a large portion of the camera view (side of my house) inactive and defeats the purpose of a security camera.

I have 25 cams running, 17 are V3. All are Cam Plus, all record continuous to 256GB HE SD, all record all motion events to the cloud and also tag for a variety of AI depending on their individual FOV.

I don’t see the motion only events as I have them filtered out in my Events tab and I only get notified of AI Tags because I have my notifications set for AI only, not motion.

There is a Wishlist request asking Wyze to develop Motion Only AI Tag Notifications, which they have confirmed in previous statements they are developing. Here is the thread to follow and support:

I don’t have it set for any motion notifications if I did it would be a million a day I do record any movement but only have it set for a person notification I had an issue last week but fixed it they went into notification and up top it said help so I click that on and it asked me to confirm notifications for that camera so I went through check the boxes I was supposed to check exit out of it and it fixed the problem so far everything is working good

Hi. This is what I have set under Notifications Plus. If it didn’t have this top clicked, I wouldn’t get pets, people, etc. I actually realized I had vehicle detection clicked so I just unchecked that and may try no DZ exclusions. Thoughts?


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Now go up top and click on help and select my cameras not receiving notifications and follow the directions do it with all your cameras I didn’t have any issues until about a week ago a lot of my cameras were not notifying me and I did this with every camera and everything’s perfect now

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Since Vehicle Notifications was on and you clicked those off, you will see in your screenshot that it is still able to be selected. It isn’t disabled and greyed out.

This means that you still have Vehicle Smart Detection enabled over in the Event Recording Settings.

This will still tag Vehicles within your FOV when no DZ is used and post them to your Events list, you just won’t get a notification for them. To prevent the Vehicle tagged videos from being saved to your Events list, disable Vehicle Smart Detections in the Event Recording Settings.