"Vehicle" detected on Wyze Cam v3

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Now you shouldn’t be getting any Events in the Events tab for Vehicle from that cam.

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Hi. I ended up dumping my Wyze doorbell because I can’t watch Events. I’ve been getting 09 error code for three weeks with no help from customer (no) service with Wyze. I still have my v3 camera though. Wyze subscription service is more cost effective than Ring (my doorbell) but what good is that if it doesn’t work?

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For the last several weeks my V3 camera doesn’t detect the garbage trucks when they pickup my trash. The motion grid around the bins are 4 squares but I also have my sidewalk, driveway and part of the street set with grid boxes. What’s odd is that it detects all the cars that drive down the street and people most of the time, usually not pets. The sensitivity is set to 100% and yet it still not detecting pixel changes within a detection box many times. Seems like my only option is to not use the detection grid and then have to review a ton of recordings. I even have my back porch V3 set to detect only people or pets, yet it keeps labeling video as vehicles. I’ve rebooted it numerous times but it doing that. I don’t have vehicles checked on that camera, so why does it keep labeling recording with vehicle?! The AI doesn’t work and I wish Wyze would stop adding new labels and just fix the basics for people, pets and vehicles. And please stop labeling parked vehicles, it should only label what caused the motion detection because that’s all that matters!!!

Hi. I wish I could help but I bailed on Wyze. I no longer use my Wyze doorbell and as soon as my Wyze V3 cam subscription expires, I’m removing it too. I am also tired of all the issues you mentioned and that they keep adding new products and features and not updating/fixing current products. The detection zone does work but it has to cover more than the objects/cars plus a large amount around them to keep them from being triggered. I have a truck in my driveway most of the time and the zone covers the truck and a large area around it so it won’t say vehicle when there is motion. I now have a Ring stick up and I’m very happy with it. When I have a question, I can call (even on a weekend) and speak to a human! Can’t do that with Wyze. I’ve sent so many logs and nothing ever was fixed. Maybe make the detection zone smaller is all I can suggest.

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“The detection zone does work but it has to cover more than the objects/cars plus a large amount around them to keep them from being triggered. I have a truck in my driveway most of the time and the zone covers the truck and a large area around it so it won’t say vehicle when there is motion.”

I don’t understand this statement. How does covering a large area around your vehicle prevent it from labeling a motion recording as vehicle? Because when there is motion within a grid, it looks at everything within the grid to make the label of what’s in it. So if you truck is in your grid, as you stated, then it should always give you a vehicle label. Unless you meant to say your grid does not cover your truck and an area around it. That’s the only way it wouldn’t label the video as a vehicle.

I’m referring to the detection zone exclusion. The zone is larger than the truck. See pic

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@WyzeJasonJ - You posted that updates to this stationery vehicle giving persistent alerts was to be fixed in Fall of 2022. Now that we are in Summer of 2023 wondering if you have any idea of update schedule to fix this. It is a very annoying feature which means I have to turn it off.

Hi. I’m not Jason. I never posted that it would be fixed. I don’t have any way to know when things will be fixed. I posted how to help with so many alerts…make your DZ larger than the item, car, etc you are wanting to cover. I gave up on Wyze for other issues as well in May this year anyway. Got rid of my doorbell too. They keep making new cameras, scales, lights, etc before their products that are already out are working correctly and they don’t update software. Seems like they are all about money. I contacted them so many times with issues but never got help. Sent logs too.

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@calks was replying to Jason’s post. That isn’t something you can see when reading the email notification. You have to log into the forum to see that. Because you are “Watching” the thread, the default setting when you post in any thread, you will get an email when anyone posts in the thread, even if they reply to someone else. You can change those settings by changing the thread to “Normal” or change your notification settings in your profile.


I am so sick of getting a notification of my car parked in my driveway every time a tree branch moves in the wind!!! Yes Wyze, I know my car is parked in my driveway - I parked it there! It hasn’t moved in hours! These noise notifications drown out any other valid notifications and essentially make my paid camera licenses useless.
I’ve been a big fan of Wyze, have many Wyze products and have encouraged others to buy them too. But this issue has existed a long time now and I don’t see any efforts being made to improve. I’m currently evaluating camera options for a second property and I’m considering abandoning Wyze over this issue and the complete lack of improvements from Wyze around it.

All you have to do is uncheck the box in notification that says vehicle but you will still get vehicle in the event window

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@Pizzadave, you are correct. That is one strategy. Another would be to utilize the Detection Zone to block out the area where the vehicle is parked and possibly reposition the cam to minimize the size of DZ block necessary. Another is to disable Vehicle Event Recording on that cam altogether and install another cam with Vehicle Detection and an overlapping FOV that is positioned to wholly exclude the vehicle.

Probably the best strategy though, would be for new users to actually read the previous posts in a thread so that they can learn that this feature has been requested many times in the past and that links were provided so that they can post their opinion in a thread that Wyze will actually read. That saves them the trouble of searching the Wishlist for the topic that requests Moving Object AI Only so that they can go there, vote on it, and add their post where Wyze will see it.

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Yes I wish it would only detect moving vehicles that would be the best thing I’ve been waiting and waiting but for now I have the box unchecked for notification and I do look at my event window for any car that goes by my house.

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I have my Vehicle Detection off on the cam where I park my car as well. But I have two other cams in place, one with a DZ blocking the vehicle, and another with the vehicle just out of the FOV, that monitor the area for vehicles. But I am also more interested in people. If a vehicle makes it that far in, it has already been caught by 4 other cams.

The key is to employ a security perimiter strategy with the cams that exploits their strengths and compensates for their known weaknesses like you and I do. Not to expect the cams to be a point and shoot universal solution for every application scenario and use case.

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Here we are 2 years later and vehicle detection is still broken.

Hello. Yes, that’s why I have Ring cameras now. They keep developing new products before getting the others working correctly with updates.

Same problem here, but with v1 doorbell cam. I wish I had the option to turn off vehicle detection. If I turn off ai detection I also lose person detection.
It’s also been several months now that I have no access to cams when away from home network. I think it’s time to start replacing all my Wyze crap. Company is failing on so many levels.

If you have Cam Plus, which it seems you may, you can turn off Vehicle Detection and Notification. It is a selection on the Smart Detection Area.