Vehicle Crash Detector

The Automatic CCA device has been discontinued and I am searching for an alternative. I haven’t found any that are inexpensive and game-changing.

The ONLY feature I really want is crash detection and notification since maps and location sharing programs offer the other features.

What is needed is a device that plugs into the OBD2 port and detects a vehicle crash usually as the result of airbag deployment. Some sort of “crash detection” in the accompanying app would be nice but not necessary. (The Pixel phones apparently have a Pixel only app that does that and there are a couple of independent apps that might do that, but how do you test them? Run your car into a wall?)

If a crash occurs I would then be alerted via the cellphone in the car so I can call emergency services if needed.

I do NOT want to pay a subscription for a 4G connection or monitoring, I just want a relatively low-cost (under $40) device that would do just that. I don’t need roadside assistance, since I already have that from at least 3 different sources. And I don’t expect to ever need the device since even my extended family hasn’t had an airbag deployment in over 2 DECADES. I just want a notification of a crash.

Do you think you do K.I.S.S. such a device?

PS - You could then get into backup camera and dashcams. A LOW-cost dashcam that records forward and the interior is missing from the market. An ACCURATE Lane Departure Warning is really the only feature I want, but I’m guessing that needs lasers and such in addition to the camera. The interior camera needs to have Drowsy Driver Detection. The backup cam could be supplemented with Parking Assistance radar or sonic detectors. Now I’m just departing the lane of this post.

DashCam is discussed here:

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