Vacuum charging station kicked breaker?

I received the vacuum a week or 10 days ago and have used it several times. Last night we went out to dinner and I set the vacuum up to clean one of the rooms we have setup. I received a notification that it had completed cleaning but needed assistance to reconnect to the charging station. When I got home, I found it was about 2 or 3 inches from the charging station positioned like it was in the last phase of return but it never made it all the way in. Upon investigation, I found that the breaker had tripped for the circuit the charging station is on ? There was nothing else turned on for that circuit other than the charging station. I will be keeping a careful eye on this to see if it happens again. Has anybody else experienced this ?

I haven’t experienced this, but definitely keep an eye on it! There’s a possibility of a faulty power adapter or outlet.

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The minimun 117VAC breaker size is 15 Amperes and the charging station only draws an amp, if that. Check out the outlet for fault and open a ticket with Wyze.
Are there black marks on the plug or other evidence of arcing? Circuit breakers are an important indication of a fault and needs to be taken seriously. It may be a faulty AFCI but get to the bottom of this. :worried:


I and a few other people previously had some questions about the power draw on the charging dock. I ran some tests on the contact points and it wasn’t pulling anywhere near what would be needed to trip a breaker generally. definitely have someone check that receptacle and look at the power chord very carefully. under normal circumstances it wont be able to trip the breaker but something like a splice in the power cord could cause the fault.


Or an arc in the outlet itself


Thanks for all the suggestions. I have thoroughly examined the power supply, the cord and the wall outlet. I have seen nothing to indicate any type of short, exposed wires etc. I need to investigate to see what exactly is. Controlled by the breaker but as far as I know nothing else was using it. It could be controlling something I am not aware of as this is a new house In the meantime, the vacuum is charging and working perfectly.

time to get a circuit tester/ finder

one of the best purchases I have made for my home. no more guessing. I think the suggested limit for most 110 volt breakers is 6 receptacles. so you may have a few others on that one circuit and having other things continuously drawing on those other outlets the robot might have been just enough to cross the tripping point ( pun intended) for the entirety of the circuit.

this is what I use and love it.


I cannot claim that Sperry Instruments is the best circuit breaker tester in the market, but the CS61200P circuit tracer comes close. It has several features that make it easier to use than most other testers, plus it comes as a complete package!

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