V4 sound quality still bad

Cant hear what they talk, also after my neighbor used rotary hammer, the audio on ipad became like something is sizzling when in fact there is complete silence in building
On blinks I can hear every word.
Bad bad Wyze!

I am very interested in identifying any sound quality issues from V4s. I just tested a bunch of V4 replacements for V3s. Didn’t find any major issues, although one had to be replaced for not working well at the camera mic. Can you post an example vid that shows your issue? Will refocus my testing if a change in what I am looking at. Maybe the Blinks comparison too, for good measure.

Wyze still holds the record for terrible camera microphone audio 5+ versions in and still the champion :rofl:

Do you have V4 details to post?

You mean like these? Did you work also on V2 to V3 transition?

Would need figure how to remove personal information from videos, before posting them.

Essentially audio sounds like it was muffled, as if you put microphone inside metal can to record outside environment. I read somewhere it is because of codec used.

No, I was wondering if Bryonhu had tested any V4s yet. My experience is that V4s have fantastic audio. Last night I woke up at 2AM, and had some V4s powered up for test on the other end of the house. I stepped out of my bedroom, called up the cameras one at a time, and spoke in a normal voice. Each of the 4 cameras picked me up perfectly, clearly, and with no noise (very quiet house at that point).

So my experience was 1 out of 4 had bad mic audio when received, and when I replaced it, the replacement worked perfectly.

So if you are having trouble with a V4, I’d consider returning it under warranty. Don’t wait for a firmware update. The audio works great on a working V4.

As far as any CODEC issues go, problems there are limited to working with a raw SD card. Always use the Wyze app to both view the video and save it for transfer to another device. Pulling the raw card from the camera and putting it in a PC is just asking for trouble. Depending on what you use to view it, audio may or may not be there because the app may not support the raw SD card CODEC used. That raw SD card audio format gets translated into a more common format when you use the app.

As for V2s and V3s, they both had many more audio issues. V2s had quite a bit of sound lag time, and V3s were the worst. You saw all sorts of problems. But if you got one that worked, you made sure you moved it to a spot where you needed a mic!

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Interesting, thank you for sharing your opinion and experience.
They actually sent me few replacements in past because of different problems.

Regarding SD Card, will verify what you wrote and compare with blinks.
I will use share function from app to save video files from Blink and Wyze.

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Just do it with a working camera. :wink:

I’m used to hearing garbled conversations with my V3, but the other day surprisingly I could hear every word.

I think the only difference was the camera was under the eaves and the speaker was talking loudly under this enclosed space (albeit more than 15’ away). It’s interesting how the environment can influence how the mic pickup sounds.

Has anyone tested V4 sound quality out in the open?

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I just did a quick outdoor test, in my fenced-in patio. Five V4s on a TV table, powered by battery packs.

At the beginning of the test I could hear the calls of a new family of cooper hawks in the tree next door. Then my neighbor on the other side of the fence fired up his hand mower. So whenever he came close to the fence I said “testing 1-2-3-4” in a quiet voice about 20 feet opposite the mower. So mower, fence, me, 20 feet away. All cameras passed that test, which consisted of me being able to clearly hear myself.

So the only thing missing is an actual real-world test over days and varying conditions. Only one V4 will be outdoors for me, on the other side of the house to watch my driveway (most of my cams are indoors looking out). I’d like one on the fenced side of the house to hear when squirrels jump on the fence (they chew it up to wear down their teeth), but for the time being I will depend on the PIR sensors in some outdoor cameras for that.

So anyone get more V4 outdoor sound experience, please post. Just make sure it is a working camera first (works great indoors). :slight_smile:


My outdoor results have been stellar. :+1: I have a v4 directly above (~15’) my HVAC compressor. When compressor is running, I still have perfectly clear audio. Background compressor noise is filtered out and I can clearly identify bird calls during the day and hear @peepeep peeping down by the creek at night. I tested 3 v4s in various outdoor locations multiple times with a helicopter hovering over my house and then landing in my field… great audio both ways with extreme chopper noise filtered out and no clipping of “desired” audio. I tested live stream audio quality and both recorded cloud event and SD card audio. v4 experience is Android-only, not iOS. iOS recordings may differ depending on audio codec.


Thanks @Newshound and @Seapup ! I was debating whether to upgrade my front porch V3. This sounds great!


I used an iPhone 13 on iOS 17.5.1 in my V4 audio testing. :slight_smile:

I don’t understand what you are saying about “depending on audio CODEC”, though. In some testing I did (quite awhile back), I found Wyze was using the “A-Law” format on the SD card. The Wyze app would translate that to the more common “AAC” format for the device and any recordings saved whenever it delt with the card. Apple should be capable of playing AAC, unless maybe on some Beta iOS it wasn’t? I don’t use those. So in what conditions might iOS not work? iOS is all I use, and I’ve never run into that…

It’s not that something might not work under iOS. It’s that I haven’t even bothered to check v4 audio at all under iOS, so I can’t testify to v4 audio quality as heard via an iOS device.

I haven’t looked at video/audio formats and codecs since Cam v2 and the advent of Cam v3 and the horrible audio quality at v3 launch. I was wondering why I got different results when listening to v3 audio via an Android device (poor at the time) and an iOS device (acceptable at the time). I compared the video/audio codecs used in Android and iOS events stored locally on viewing devices and saw that Android and iOS source files were created using different codecs, which is understandable. I haven’t looked since, but at some point, Wyze made a v3 firmware change and most (not all) of my v3 source recordings are markedly improved, at least under Android as I haven’t checked iOS. Even so, the “improved” v3 audio is nothing compared to v4, especially background noise and clipping. I haven’t taken the time to investigate what Wyze changed on the v3. Too little time, I accepted the improved v3 audio and moved on to better things. I’m wondering what makes v4 audio excel compared to other models… maybe a combination of V4’s better mic and different filtering algorithm/different codec? I hope to dig deeper into this later.

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“This sounds great!”

IL1 - Pun intended? :slightly_smiling_face:

Uh… maybe in my subconscious mind. I’m terrible at puns, I realized.

Well, since you won’t let me guess the meaning of your ‘handle’, I’ll just :heart: you. :kissing_cat:


Just noticed today that my V3s that are out in the open do seem to record conversations better than before, although it’s still at like the 20-40% range.

I think I’ll get V4 when it goes on sale again. Hopefully during prime day…

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