V2 vs. V3 Audio test comparisons for customers & WYZE STAFF review

Here is the V2 & V3 12 feet up the tree side by side audio comparison, unfortunately they were done at separate times due to WiFi distance to Mesh WAP and V3 beat the V2 in the transmission of data.

Had to unplug the V3 for V2 to get audio to cloud, and for some odd reason the V2 audio was not captured on SD card at that exact moment when both were on and sound was enabled.
(must of been a firmware bug - like that ever happens)

V3 Audio Test from cloud event 12 feet up the tree

V2 Audio Test from cloud event 12 feet up the tree

V2 Audio test FAIL from SD at exact time V3 was tested.

Previous Side Door V2 & V3 Audio comparison, you can even hear the Non-Wyze Professional Alarm System (Self-Installed) Remote Keypad Audio announcing door opening

V2 event below:

V3 event below:

The V3 Wyze Cam Audio definitely could use some improvement but your hardware may be the limiting factor here as maybe the vendors that make the cams you sell are 2 different Chinese manufacturers? - Or some one has chosen a cheaper microphone and audio I.C. chip / audio processor?

And to be fair to WYZE the V2 is not IP-65 rated and the microphone hole on a V3 which is IP-65 rated has a protective layer to keep out the moisture which could affect the audio too

Again the Forum Rotated my picture automatically - to better view click on it then enlarge and download it, Then Rotate for best view.

V2 - V3 side by side setup

The location originally had a 12 volt camera so a 12 volt to 5 volt Micro-USB adapter was installed

Added back weatherproof electrical tape once done and tucked down wires.

V2 test setup used for this experiment


I don’t think you are getting a ip68 camera for $35. And I’m not sure Wyze has rated the individual parts of the V3.

IP65 Weather resistant


@horn - Honk Honk good catch, I deal with too many types of equipment and missed that one.

Thanks for the enlightenment, I have edited my post. :postal_horn:

It is IP-65 and here is you a link to read about it Wyze Cam V3

Click Image to enlarge, then click again to zoom further. Then Read where the red arrow points, you may have to scroll down after enlarging the picture though to get to the arrow.

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Very good post. You did this quite rigorously and showed your setup for any questions. This was very well thought out it is a very very good post and good research!


Nice. Only piece left to do is remove the protective mic covering on the V3 and test again. In the name of science. :slight_smile:

But really, probably not worth the bother. Based on those who attempted to silence the V2 mic by muffling it, it probably wouldn’t make much of a difference.

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All my V3’s are for outdoor locations, and as I have stated many times I have or want NO cameras indoors in my personal space. We all know eventually anything can be hacked and I would rather not be a star on a Chinese Trueman Show :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

They can spy on my outdoor cameras all they like if they figure out a hack :rofl:

So at this time in the name of science I have no donors for such an experiment (Yet)

I do only have indoor V2 cams in the barn and hackers can enjoy the animals pooping and farting…:rofl:

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Interesting I bought the camera for the use of the part not audio,it’s ok not important at all to us

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Well done. You weren’t that excited about a Wyze t-shirt, so…


…here’s a Pesci/Casino v2 stress test (after your profile pic.)

Sorry, Marty frog_abide_mini image

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I adopted that profile pic in the early days of V2, Pan-Cam and excessive firmware/software bugs and communication issues.

Since then they did improve some and I am happy with the V2, V3, V1 Pan-Cam and CamPlus Unlimited.

Hopefully some of the indoor V3 users try @Customer idea and disassemble their V3 to remove the IP-65 layer/screen in front of microphone and maybe even enlarge the microphone hole slightly to see if audio improves in their indoor V3 usage.

Myself I am satisfied with the V3 audio as the video is the main aspect of my cameras usage.

Hoping some day Wyze sources a cam with interchangeable lens so one could install a lens or zoom lens to fit their needs, rather than having to DIY a different lens…


None of mine (v2s) are in close proximity to a human sound source. Natural speech patterns are 90% indecipherable at a distance, I’ve found. Ambient sound is nice when you’re reviewing clips, though. It’s just more pleasant.

But this. This. Why. This.

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I see Wyze Tao left a like, so at least one Wyze Staffer has reviewed this post :smiley:


V2 sounds better.

Agreed, in my experience V2 works better as well.