WARNING : Wyze cam mic is active dispite disabling it

Skeptical that you forgot to mention it affected cloud clips as well. Because it’s not like you.

I’m skeptical by nature. It’s not always justified. I try to rein it in and I do a creditable job. Usually. :man_shrugging:

Straight up:

I thought, hmmm, Newshound knows a boatload more than I do about this stuff,* he says only SD card footage is affected by the Record Sound toggle, how can I square that with my loose experience that cloud clip Events created by a cam with Record Sound toggled off don’t play sound when opened in the Wyze or tinyCam apps?


Sound is always present in cloud clip Events - along with a “sound off/on” flag per the customer’s preference.

On Event playback in the app, the program reads the “sound off/on” flag and the player performs appropriately.

Event clips used to be cached by the app on the device in a standard video format. You could play them in a generic video player. They’re no longer in a standard video format (file extension .exo, which probably are encrypted ‘chunks’ app-specific for replay.) So I can’t check the presence of sound in a clip independent of Wyze and tinyCam apps (that I know of.)


 * Plus three more people I respect ‘hearted’ the post without comment


It wasn’t correct, so thanks for prodding me to fix it. I have gone back to those posts and added an edit to make it less confusing. :slight_smile:



The Boss says you’re a mixed case. Prod or goad, your choice.

peep??  :flushed:

Wyze has provided a software-based A but not B.

A.  Microphone kill switch for Recordings

B.  Microphone kill switch for Live Stream

Why? What could be their motive in this?

Is it justifiable?

  • Yes
  • No
  • I don’t know

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They KNOW it’s an issue and choose to ignore it.

But why design it that way? From the beginning, if I’m not mistaken.

The customer clearly benefits from having the OPTION to easily kill all audio.

How does Wyze benefit from denying customers that option?

It’s curious.

Not trying to sound conspiracy theorist, but it could be nefarious activity.

Wyze is big on earning and maintaining their customers’ trust. If they address this question directly they’ll earn a lot of points. :slight_smile:

Occam’s hand blender says they put out a cheap camera with good but imperfect software and documentation. Period.

Wyze has a pretty understanding customer base. A simple statement would satisfy most, I think.

Whatever’s true. :slight_smile:

@WyzeJimmy @WyzeBaohua

Any updates in including this option to disable microphone for live stream play back in a future app update. Dunno anything about development but seems like it wouldnt take much and seems to be something quite a few of your customers are concerned about privacy wise.


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A life hack - google Scotch 88.

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Or one could hum loud and continouous :notes: la la la :notes: : so one would be saying nothing worth recording while obscuring anything indelicate one might otherwise overhear. :wink:

IT IS A PRIVACY ISSUE. Purebred Samoyeds. I have the customers looking at my puppies. They can hear everything in my house during live feed. The puppies are in the puppy box for the first 2 weeks in my bedroom. Privacy issue. Then in a small playpen during the day in the kitchen area, then back in the puppy box at NIGHT. THEN our the balance of the time in the play area in the patio and the larger section of the dining room for the balance, except when training the puppies outside, which is video as well but I expect that they would want to he as r the training.
When watching the puppies even in the patio outside behind closed doors, with Alexa playing sounds the people still can hear my conversations with anyone in the house.
Please accept the customers are paying 4k for a puppy they are wanting to watch how I raise and train them. For 11 weeks a year I need to kill the mics. Just put in an option in the firmware to kill the microphone FOR MY PRIVACY! I have discussed this with your staff for years. With no action since my v1 cams . Thanks for someone finally listening.

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I share the live feed with paid customers they want to watch the puppy grow and development .
Sharing the live feed is not the issue them hearing everything in my house is the issue.
I want both a & b of my choices. It is simple a PRIVACY issue.

V2 & V3 microphone disconnect (non-destructive):

Wishlist item to add a feature to disable the livestream audio:

Covering the mic with layers of duct tape does not kill the mic. Please stop with nothing you have not done.

I’ve done these, and no, layers of duct tape does not kill the mic. These are to unplug the V2/V3 mics. On the V2, you pull it from a socket. On the V3, you unplug the cable going to the mic. :slight_smile:


Wow I’ve read this before but I thought yanking it was irreversible. Nice to hear you can put it back in as needed.

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I wonder if it has something to do with triggering event recording with sound?
If we turn the mic off for the live stream then the Sound Event recording wouldn’t work and Sound Detection Sensitivity wouldn’t work.
Normally it would be a simple If / Then routine to deactivate these settings if the mic was turned off. Wyze claims it’s very difficult to implement Dark Mode because of the initial software code. Maybe this is a limitation too?

They do seem to have the ability to stick Cam Plus buttons and ads everywhere though. :slight_smile: