[POLL] - Who has Wyze Cams indoors in Living Areas?

This is how I have mine set inside too with 3rd party smart plugs.

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Ah, okay, but your first network, the one your camera lives on, is what I considered your local WiFi network. The fact that it has cellular Internet isn’t really relevant when going from camera to phone. Switching your phone to the second link - what I would accomplish by turning off WiFi - is what enabled the P2P hops across the two Internet links. So same thing in the end. :wink:

Nice set. I always wanted to set up a functioning old pay phone.

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The Googoo: Yeah, don’t worry, we’ve got your back. And your front. Your upside. Downside. And middle.

Inside’s next so stay healthy. It’s a brave new world…

(How lovable are dumb phones - they do as they’re told! :slight_smile: )


I’m more curious as to why I should be concerned about someone hacking into my cams just to watch me wash my dishes or change my clothes. I mean if they’ve really gone to all that trouble and are entertained…Im trying to figure out the downside. Maybe I’m just missing something obvious. Can they somehow get a magnifying glass and see my credit card statement somewhere in the background? Or is this purely for modesty/privacy issues?


The cable company also owns your TV remote mic and sets it to spy. Im constantly seeing ads on whatever topic I was recently having conversations about in person. Privately. In my home.

Its an insane and crazy aggressive market wanting to strip me of every single dime.


Hey Jessi

I think Off should mean Off not “Off”. If it means “Off” then the toggle label in the app should read “Off” - accompanied by a clarifying Info popup when tapped.

Same with the mic:



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I do, but I usually have it off until we go out. Yeah, yeah, I know. It’s not really off unless unplugged physically. Technically, even if on a 3rd party smart plug, that could be hacked as well to turn the camera on. I think the odds of someone hacking into my feed are pretty remote. It’s not like I’m a celebrity or important person that’s a target and worth the trouble to hack. I mean to what, to see me sitting on the couch watching TV. If someone wants to spy on me personally that bad, they can bug my house. Not saying I would invite it or wouldn’t be bothered somewhat if I found out someone was hacking my camera, but it’s a pretty slim chance. Probably a greater chance of someone peeping in my window, even from the woods with binoculars… waves to anyone watching me right now


The way I see if they want to look at our boring cameras have it and have fun. Noting to hide here


Hey @raym64 , you’ve been around here a while, like me.

Do you find the discussion tedious/pointless at this point? Straight up.

Cheers! -peep

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Yes its a waist of time, it looks like someone has way 2 much free time

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That’s a little rude, there, K, people are just motivated by different things.
would you allow that? :slight_smile:

My FREE time is coming to an end soon, Got another government contract starting next year.

So my 6 month semi-retirement/vacation will be over soon so if you’re referring to me… LOL :rofl:

Once I start this contract you all will see less of me posting here and on other techie forums…

I get bored easily and my hobby is also my profession.

I could retire whenever I like but not really ready for that when my work is like a hobby that pays me very well.

So coming next year I will be busy working and educating staff in Telecommunications technologies. And hanging out on techie forums less because you all don’t pay as well…LOL :rofl:

40+ year Telecommunications / Electronics Engineer (and hobbyist :grin:)


Ever hear of socialism? Howzabout sprinkling some of that surplus booty on the poor little frogs  image  of the world? :wink:

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Don’t get him started. :slight_smile:


Hey, he’s got too much time on his hands, I’m trying to help. :slight_smile:
See which, badinage, raillery, bust chops, etc… :nerd_face:


@peepeep & @Customer


I have cameras in every room of the house, except the bedrooms and the bathroom, and I could give a :poop: if somebody hacks into them… :person_shrugging:

after a couple of minutes of seeing me naked, they’d probably want/need to gouge their eyes out… :scream::see_no_evil::exploding_head::dizzy_face:

so have at it. :sweat_smile::rofl:

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Grab the Eye Bleach

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Hey Todd

Are you close friends (or close family) with anyone who feels quite differently than you about this? :slight_smile:

Lol I here you same here…if someone wants to hack away.i say go for it

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