[POLL] - Who has Wyze Cams indoors in Living Areas?

  • Who has Wyze Cams indoors in Living Areas
  • I would Never put a Camera in my Living Areas

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This Poll is for those whom want to be on the (Hackers) or Chinese Version of the “Truman Show”

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I would Never put a Camera in my Living Areas

Only when space should be empty, eg, when on vacation.


I would consider that Okay but I have a extremely robust security system, every window and door has a sensor, also Motion Detection, Glass Breakage Detection, Fire & Smoke detectors, Carbon Monoxide Detection, and Flood detectors.

I even have microwave perimeter incursion detection on my property (4.5 Acres)

So really no reason to put a camera indoors for me but those without a good security system I can see doing that Only when not at home and physically UNPLUGGING the power upon return because “Toggling Off” the camera really doesn’t turn it Off…


Key point. :+1:



This is from another post where @Customer requested some testing that lead to this POLL

This is a test on 1 of my spare cameras I bought off Amazon yet to find a location on my property…

Tested for current usage with camera toggled on & off with NO difference in current draw.

V3 toggled OFF

V3 Current draw when supposedly OFF :rofl:

V3 toggled ON

V3 Current draw when ON

V3 Cam is looking at a wall with No IR and No motion to upload
However V3 Cam is in Live View, Welcome to the Chinese Truman Show:rofl:

Don’t worry about the mAh as that is the 11 mAh used between the times the pictures were taken the “A” for Amperage is the indicator that there is No Difference in power consumption when camera is toggled to OFF

So Toggling Off the Camera in the Menu is merely a placebo:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Glad ALL my Wyze Cams are outside or in the Barn, I don’t get too high of ratings on the “Chinese Truman Show of Americans” compared to those Bedroom and Living Room Wyze Cams fools have in their homes… :upside_down_face: :rofl: :upside_down_face: :rofl: :upside_down_face: :rofl:

I also connected to Live View on a different network on my smartphone so the video data is outbound on 1 cell modem and inbound on another cell modem to my Live View currently running, and current draw did not change at ALL, Think about that everyone :exclamation:

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Our indoor camera’s only come on when we turn the alarm.on

So your “Alarm” physically removes power from the camera?
Or are you believing the "Toggle Camera OFF’ Function actually Turns Off the Camera…?

Also make your vote in this POLL @kae4560

If you think about it logically the camera can never be turned completely ‘off’ from the app because it has to be ‘on’ to some degree in order to receive the command from the app to turn ‘on’.

The only way to turn it completely ‘off’ is to remove power. This could be done remotely by using a smart plug for the camera and turning power on/off via the plug.


Having a reasonable understanding of how the P2P gets set up, and because I trust Wyze to a degree, and because there’s no direct access to the cameras from outside, I am mostly okay with this in common areas. For now.

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So @Customer if I know (or Hacked) your username & password and have the Wyze App installed the P2P will not do anything in this situation and I would have full access to your cameras correct?

Dumb Question as I know I am correct, so if someone has those credentials they have access with the Wyze App and Cameras associated therewith.

Yes we have a 3rd party wifi plug,that kills the power…dead

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Not sure I understand your question - of course the P2P will do something. It will do its job and establish a point to point connection so that the camera can serve the requested stream to the authorized viewer. That’s no different from any other remote access use case, with the significant exception that the P2P requirement drastically changes the potential exposure versus something like a waiting open, forwarded port with authentication.

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You guys and your complicated things. Diagram, please, OP? :wink:

What’s happening??

No diagram peepeep…

Just compared viewing Wyze on same network the Wyze Cams are on.

Then connected to another of my networks that the Wyze Cams are not on.

So compared viewing cams through Wyze App both on Local Area Network (LAN) and through the Internet on a different broadband provider…

Not at my PC and drawing a diagram with crayons isn’t working well on my smartphone…:rofl::rofl::rofl:


Well, ya see, right there. You have two networks. Who has two networks except for you and @Customer. No one. :slight_smile:

So crayon-less takeaway re privacy/security is…? :wink:

(If I was considerate I would not force him to respond on his smartphone, because, golden rule, I wouldn’t want to. Takeaway: I am less considerate than I think.)

In my living area and always turned off. I only turn it on when everyone is away

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Well, ya see, right there, people from chi are smart. :wink:


I have 3 Internet Broadband Cellular based home/office Internet providers,

an antiquated DSL line Internet provider

and 2 private APN cellular based private networks.

So 4 public Internet and 2 Private network broadband providers.

I am a Telecommunications Engineer and work with the major broadband & Telecomm providers, of which most the comms/broadband is covered by them…
Call it a job perk…

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Of the two networks he meant, one was his mobile provider’s. … A test anyone with a mobile phone and a data plan could perform.

Edit: or what he said

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Oh alright. I still think you guys are speaking code to each other. I can feel it. :grin:


It’s a job perk.