V3 Cameras audio issues

After evaluating five V3 cameras from various sources I’ve found all to have noisy static and low audio sensitivity and then reading of many others with similar issues I wonder… Is this the norm for many V3 cams? My other V2 cameras and Pan works flawlessly, with great audio sensitivity and clarity. Thoughts??? Also, FYI, I’ve done all the usual troubleshooting, you might be hard-pressed to think of a combination of things I haven’t tried.

I check my 4 V3 and there’s no static on ours and that’s at 4 locations,the RX Audio is not as hot but it still picks up the people voices with no issues

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In depth review of V2 vs V3 at the link below.

Click the blue lettering for full post with videos and pictures.

I think ‘chaozhang’ nailed it in his video demonstration… other than the crackling sound that I’ve heard, that is exactly how my V2 vs V3 sounds. I also think the level of perceived audio performance depends on one’s own judgment call. The V2 sure outperforms the V3, I would bet that ALL V3 cams have the same audio issue. As for me, I’m going to toss one of the V3’s I have on my bench and do a diagnostic disassembly of it. :face_with_monocle: Perhaps add a better audio source/microphone, maybe measure throughput distortion. For $35, it would be worth the fun.

Actually my review and I notified chaozang with that @ sign so he would see it, chaozang is a Wyze staffer…

Let me know if you can improve audio

I’ll let you know… I’m thinking, depending on how much headroom in their audio path, I might be able to add some sort of preamp to the audio section, either that or at least a better microphone. What really bothers me is the noise or actually static sounding noise. It sounds just like transistor junction noise, I’ve encountered that sort of noise in Audio gear for years. It sounds a bit different than carbon resistor noise. To be honest, I’m impressed they can pack so much into such a small foot-print and wallet-print. I really like the audio of the V2, as in the video posted; you can hear the author’s footsteps. The video on the entire cam line is outstanding and the audio can be just as important. Although I suppose most folks just want a good clear picture. If I come up with something, I’ll post it here.