V4 Recent Event List and Event Progress Bar Changes

I have three Wyze Cam Pan V3 and two Wyze Cam V4 cameras. I love the resolution of the V4 and the spotlight, though I totally miss motion tracking. But recent changes make the V4s harder to use. Firmware version on the V4s is

The Recent Events list uses icons to indicate Motion, Person, Vehicle, etc. A recent update to the Cam V4s added a text description below the time and the icons, which is a problem. The additional line reduces how many recent events are listed before having to switch to Events. I find viewing videos from the Events tab more cumbersome than from Recent Events.

I don’t see an option on the Cam V4 to enable or disable the text description. Is there a setting to disable the text description?

When viewing a video from the Recent Events list, the Pan V3s display a progress bar below the event screen to show the progress of the video. As did the V4s. However, the V4s no longer have a progress bar to show the progress, though there is still a progress bar on the video when viewed from the Event tab. Is the missing Recent Event video progress bar an intended change or is it a bug?

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I have v4 on the same firmware as you and I don’t see what you are seeing. Do you mind posting a screen shot?

Front Yard Cam is a Cam Pan V3, Back Yard Cam is a Cam V4.

V3 video playing with green progress bar at bottom of video. Icons only in Recent Events list.

V4 video playing with no progress bar displayed. Icons and Text in Recent Events List.

Which app version are you running? Also, if you’re running a VPN, try turning it off.

That is weird, I don’t have text description on mine or progress bar. :thinking:

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Wyze App version is, which looks to be the current version. My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S23 running Avast Security Ultimate with VPN protection. I turned VPN off, then checked, but that made no difference.

I am on beta 3.0 so maybe that’s the difference.

I’m on beta 3.0 now, and that’s not made any difference. So very odd.