V3Pro can't view SD card data in Android app

I just got a v3 Pro cam and set it up to record motion events to a SD card. I cannot playback any recorded data using the app. Camera firmware is, app version is 2.37.0 (117).
The camera is configured to connect to a mobile hot spot because there is no WIFI where it will be placed. After it was configured, i turned off the hot spot and let the camera do it’s thing. A day later, I activated the hot spot and connected to the camera. I can view the live feed from the camera and I can see when SD card data was recorded, but i can’t play it back with the app.

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What’s happening to prevent you from playing it back? The SD card recordings are viewable using the “SD Card” button below the live view. Is it throwing an error, or just not showing any footage? Could you send a screenshot? Thanks!


It’s just not showing any footage.

Try power cycling the camera while leaving the hotspot on, and check if your able to view the recording again. Also, try moving the red line on the timeline a tiny bit and see if it loads then

No luck with either suggestion.

Does the card have anything on it? In settings go to advanced settings Manage SD card and see if it has any data.

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Before I tried the two suggestions above, I used the app and formatted the card to give it a fresh start. I am using a 64 GB PNY Elite-X card. It is currently showing 0.34 G of space being used.

My wyze cam 3 pro does the exact thing can view anything on the sd crad

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looks like wyze doesn’t care about this problem

I am running a V3Pro on Beta Firmware, Android App

Recording to and streaming from SD Playback is unaffected.

Two things that could possibly cause this:

  1. The V3Pro requires much more power than the V3 to operate. Insure that you are using the 2amp power adapter brick and power cord that came with the cam. If you are using a longer aftermarket cord or an old Wyze power adapter (1amp), it could be limiting the power to the cam.

  2. Streaming 2K from the SD requires much more bandwith than the V3. Insure that you have a strong WiFi connection to the V3Pro and that the 2.4Ghz band isn’t being overloaded by devices or intereference. A rock solid strong mesh router is recommended. To test this, the cam may need to be placed on a strong WiFi network connected by WAN to determine if the Hotspot is not providing the required bandwidth.

I have the camera’s wifi connected to my wyze mesh router that I foot away, using the brick and cable that came with the pro cam I’ve reset, rebooted, formated uninstalled and reinstalled everything many times

First, Welcome to the Wyze User Community Forum @o14real!

Sorry you are having issues w\ your V3Pro. A couple steps to confirm first. I understand that you are able to load the cam to live stream the video and adjust the settings, just no ability to view Playback video recorded to the SD Card you inserted.

  1. Enter the Settings :gear: for the cam then select Advanced Settings. Confirm that the Record to MicroSD Card toggle is ON.
  2. Confirm that Continuous is selected.
  3. Click Manage MicroSD Card.
  4. Click Format
  5. Once the format is complete, power cycle the cam by unplugging it and give it some time to record new video.

I’ve done all above and it still does not work it will not record the SD card, I’ve try different SD cards and it does not work it worked my first got it and then the firmware update that stopped working and the new firmware didn’t fix it

What firmware is the cam currently running?

Cam you post a screenshot of the Manage SD Card page, the Advanced Settings page and the SD Card Playback Page?

My v.3 pro does the same thing even after updating the firmware for the third time, now on firmware, plug in version on Android 13.

It has never worked since new.
I’m not intending to jump out of line here, just adding to the collection of information.

My v.3 cameras work but they have different timeline software.

V.3 pro shows various content on the SD card playback timeline but you can’t play any of them even when it shows 25 GB data used.

It also automatically jumps to the wrong day if I click the calendar and pick a date it’ll go there but as soon as you move the hourly timeline it’ll jump back to the date you were on before, It seems to have a preferred date that it likes going to.

Once in a while a section of video will play but it’s just as likely to play on the white space half an inch away vs where it shows there’s any content.

I have not been able to diagnose because submit a log file from in the app says unable to submit after pausing for 30 seconds.
Then it erases what I had written.

I’ve tried that 10 times.
I’m using a wise SD card purchased directly from them and power cycled the unit, reset it, added it and removed it, All the usual wyze tasks

if I try to attach a photo before submitting a log file then it jumps back to the Wyze app main page showing the cameras and this also erases what I had written.

The photo attachment button on the submit log page is also prevented from attaching any screenshots,

I can only attach jpg from within the limited page of photos that the camera happened to take and put in the Wyze folder on Android.

Every step of the way it prevents any progress, contacting anyone, or attaching a photo to show the problem.

This is great that you guys managed to submit a screenshot because it’s not using the wyse app of course. This is using a website that works.

I can’t say mine works perfectly every single time, but I also can’t reproduce the problem with any freequency on Android 11 with the same firmware and the newest app.

We also can’t compare anything to the V3 as that firmware has a completely different UI.

I don’t think this is an SD Card issue. If I were to suspect anything, I would suspect that it is a data stream issue from the cam to the app.

The reason I say this is that I used to get long load lag on my SD Playback on V3 cams, before I got my V3Pro, when I was using an old router. Since upgrading, I don’t get that anymore with the increased signal strength and all the Mesh Router traffic routing improvements.

However, when viewing the SD Playback from my V3Pro, there is still a hint of this loading lag when it will show the “no video at this time” message before it loads and plays the video. It will also occasionally show that message until I move the bar or reload the date. Sometimes the shaded bar will also not show correctly where there should be video.

I have video on my SD card back to 5am on 11\27. But, you will see in both attached videos that the app tells me that there is no video at the selected time when choosing December 2nd.

When trying it again however (second video) it gives me the video for December 2nd.

Also notice the “no video” message when loading video from new dates. This is the load lag I was referring to.

I can only suggest two things: Enable Hardware Decoding in the App Settings and make sure the V3Pro is using the 2amp power supply and cord it came with. Beyond that, I would say that the V3Pro requires a much stronger network than the V3.