V3Pro can't view SD card data in Android app

I just got a v3 Pro cam and set it up to record motion events to a SD card. I cannot playback any recorded data using the app. Camera firmware is, app version is 2.37.0 (117).
The camera is configured to connect to a mobile hot spot because there is no WIFI where it will be placed. After it was configured, i turned off the hot spot and let the camera do it’s thing. A day later, I activated the hot spot and connected to the camera. I can view the live feed from the camera and I can see when SD card data was recorded, but i can’t play it back with the app.

What’s happening to prevent you from playing it back? The SD card recordings are viewable using the “SD Card” button below the live view. Is it throwing an error, or just not showing any footage? Could you send a screenshot? Thanks!


It’s just not showing any footage.

Try power cycling the camera while leaving the hotspot on, and check if your able to view the recording again. Also, try moving the red line on the timeline a tiny bit and see if it loads then

No luck with either suggestion.

Does the card have anything on it? In settings go to advanced settings Manage SD card and see if it has any data.

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Before I tried the two suggestions above, I used the app and formatted the card to give it a fresh start. I am using a 64 GB PNY Elite-X card. It is currently showing 0.34 G of space being used.