V3Pro Camera Not Recording

I received my V3Pro early last week and the images are great! I mounted it on my front porch rail directly adjacent to one of my other V3 cameras for testing. It detected and reported on the same motion events as my the adjacent V3 camera, but for somewhat shorter recording periods. Then, a few days ago…NO EVENTS RECORDED. ? I then increased the sensitivity to something above the adjacent V3 and still no events being recorded. My other Wyze Cams, V3, V2, Doorbell and Outdoor continue to record events. Wassup with the V3 Pro?

Have you gone to the Events Tab to see if events exist there? Trying to narrow down if it is related to the camera’s new setup or the app itself.

I have events showing on the main screen, Here are my settings (iPhone):

  • Firmware version:
  • Plugin Version: 2.37.7
  • iOS App Version: 2.37.0 (b8)

Note: I am a Beta Tester so my App version or FW versions may be different.


The app may also not be pulling in the thumbnails on the v3 Pro display. Try putting a finger in the event area, pull down, hold it for a few seconds and release to refresh the display of thumbnails.


Also make sure you don’t have any filters enabled in the events tab. Hit the hourglass icon in the upper right corner of the events tab and hit clear filters.