V3 Starlight sensor stopped working after 2 weeks

V3 Starlight was so nice. But it stopped working. Is there going to be a firmware update to fix the issue? Attached is the before and after images

Looks normal.

The starlight sensor needs general light to work. A street light. A yard light. A cloudless full moon. Lights from windows aren’t general.

On your first picture taken on 11/16/21, the moon’s phase was at 93%. Looking at the sky above your house, it was lit even at 11:26 PM. So lots of light available.

On your second picture the sky is dark. So I suspect there was no direct light from the moon. I’m guessing it was cloudy.

So I predict when next you have a full moon with cloudless skies, it will look as good as the first picture. :slight_smile:

If you had a yard light out there, it would be good all the time (depending on whether the yard light was in the field of view and blinded the camera, of course!)


Huh I just responded to the same two photos at

Nice observations about the moonlight.

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Attached is advertisement from Wyze. The images were taken on the same night. This is what they call Starlight Sensor.

Pictures of V2 and V3 images.
My V3’s Starlight Sensor stopped working.

Has nothing to do with the moon’s phase.

The moon’s phase affects the amount of available light, just as cloud cover does.

The starlight sensor isn’t some seperate piece of equipment inside the v3. It is simply a much more sensitive image sensor. If it actually failed, you would get no image at all, day or night.

If you had a second v3 at the same location at the same time and it was showing a much brighter image, then you would have great evidence of a defect.

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We have all tried to explain this. The sensor is not magic and cannot see in the dark. It just makes better use of whatever light is available. The moon can make a big difference, as can porch lights and street lights. The sample photos from Wyze are under the SAME conditions. Your photos were under completely different conditions as @Newshound pinpointed.

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I’m having the same problem. My camera is in my bedroom. No light bulbs were changed or relocate. The camera has not been moved. Ive got blackout curtain that are always closed. The available light for the sensors has not changed in any way. My videos look your just like your before and after screenshots. My camera worked fine for a month. The after an update mid November, the sensor stopped working as it had been.

The camera is set up to monitor my husband’s progress with his new cpap treatment as he sleeps.