Starlight sensor broken?

I installed a Wyze Floodlight (with attached v3 camera), and for the first 3-4 days, I was enjoying the starlight sensor giving me great low-light images. Then I updated the firmware, and slightly adjusted the angle of the camera a little, and now the low-light images are atrocious, as if the starlight sensor isn’t working. Daylight images look fine. I’m currently on the latest firmware versions for both the camera and the floodlight.

I’ve tried restarting the camera, and also resetting power to the floodlight. IR lights and floodlight lamps are turned off for both images. Does anyone know why the starlight sensor would stop working suddenly?

After initial installation:

After firmware update and adjusting camera angle:

Make sure the night vision is turned off. Maybe it was changed after firmware update?? It appears to be off since the second photo is still color. Ask the moon to come out again?

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Thanks for the suggestion. Night vision is definitely turned off. I guess it’s possible that the extra light was mostly moonlight, but the second picture seems way too dark compared to the first, so I thought maybe something failed/glitched in the camera.

The bright lights in the upper right corner of the lower photo may be substantially affecting the image.

The moon was 99% visible on 3/17 and 79% on 3/22. Maybe your camera field of view changes reduced available light? Just a guess on my part.

Err, folks, this seems almost too obvious but isn’t something now clearly BLOCKING the camera? See all the dark shape where it should otherwise be viewing the ground in question up to the house.

That dark area could easily be the shadow of the main house with ambient lighting “behind” the camera side of image. I’ve seen that on my own with a bright moon.

Hmm maybe you’re right. Looking more closely I can still see the path to the right side of the house. :frowning:

I initially suspected that too, so I rotated the camera once more to hide the “bright” houses on the right. I can post another screenshot of the new camera view, but I promise it looks almost identical to the 2nd image I already posted.

That’s correct. That’s the shadow of the house from a street light (which was still present and lit during the first picture, and you can see the faint shadow line across the building in the first picture).

Any other suggestions to get the starlight sensor working again? Just for a test, is there a relatively easy way to undo the firmware updates, even though I don’t know which version I was on before the firmware update?

I don’t know. But I do know there is no separate starlight sensor. It is the same image sensor taking all your videos.

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I know it’s a late reply, but thanks for this. That eliminated it being a problem with the sensor, since daytime images were fine.

I was able to replicate this issue, and it turns out that it was the moonlight. When a bright moon is out, the Wyze video is incredible. But when the moon is hidden, the video lighting is not great. Unfortunately, this means that I cannot leave the floodlight with IR turned off, since that will only help on days when the moon is helping. But thanks to everyone for the help trying to troubleshoot!

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