V3 SD Card Memory Usage

Is there any way to determine how much of the SD card memory has been used? Just recording 12 sec snippets and I’m aware that once the card gets filled it will overwrite older records, but I’d like to know how much memory has been used or how many records have been recorded.

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12-second clips don’t get saved to the SD card; those are saved in the cloud.

The SD card has 2 modes: Continuous recording (that I use) and Events-only. You can review the SD card’s version of the 12-second cloud events by pressing the Playback icon on the 12-second cloud clip.

So Events-only does not save the 12-second clips – it saves full minutes for as long as motion is detected. So if motion started 35 seconds after the minute, it would also save the 35 seconds that occurred before motion started. Conversely, if motion stopped at 10 seconds after the next minute, it would save the following 50 seconds as well.

I think the camera uses at least 95% of the card, leaving some space available for rollover and future needs. You can check that on camera settings > Advanced Settings > Manage MicroSD Card. Of course with formatting 100% is smaller than the face size of the card. I think with a 32 GB card it shows something like 29.x GB available, 28.x GB used.

That gives you enough space for 2-8 days in continuous mode on a 32 GB card, depending on whether you use HD or SD as your resolution.

If you save a timelapse recording, space is reduced for event or continuous recording. But the camera always clears space when it needs it.


Thanks! Great Info! And going to that setting also shows the amount of memory that apparently has been used.

It would be nice if there was a user manual for the V3. I find it extremely hard to navigate the menus in the app. e.g. To go to the settings page you have to go to “Playback” first.

Where is the “Album” stored? Can the videos and Photos be transferred to a PC? etc. etc.

Nice explanation Newshound.

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If you take a picture, download a video or record from playback they will on be in your photo/video album on your iPhone/iPad. You can send the videos/pictures from you phone/device device to many places like Air drop, messages, mail and so on.
To go to setting you do not have to go to playback first. You have to open the cam in live view from the app and tap the gear icon on the top right to get to settings.

Aha! More info for the manual!


You may find answers to some future questions here; See the FAQ section.


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