V3 SD card file date/time wrong AND card "disappeared"

I’ve been watching the Snowstorm with my V3. Two hours ago the power went off and came back on. While scrolling through the settings a few minutes ago I noticed it said it didnt have an SD card. It didnt show a card so I couldnt format it. I pulled the SD card and put in a new one. I looked at the SD on the computer and sure enough it stopped recording the same time the power went out. I assume thats the same time it disappeared. Then I also noticed that the file Date/times are wrong. They are 10 hours in ADVANCE of the current/correct time… They are saving at a time in the Future. So what recorded and shows on the Video at 9:30 this morning has a file time of 7:30PM ( 8 hours from now, 10 hours from when it recorded)

Any solutions for either of theses problems?