V3 Record: Video Generation?

Has anyone tried to record from live video on the V3? It starts off normal, but when you stop recording you get a “Video Generation” popup. I recorded a 48 second clip, and it took about 5 minutes to generate the video. There is no option to cancel. There is no option to perform it later. There is no option to perform it in the background. The worst part, it keeps live video streaming the background while it processes but very dim you can’t even view all of it.

This is a battery killer. Don’t record V3 video if you aren’t close to a phone charger for a while. I hope they fix this soon.

Interesting issue! You can submit a log via the individual cam’s settings > Wyze Support > Submit a log > Camera Performance > . Explain the situation, then submit. But be sure you access that video first. Then they may have the info they need to correct the situation.

The V3 is still new, and may require some adjustments. The more reports they receive via the above method, the better. Let’s make this product better for all of us. :grin:


I just recorded a 45 second v3 live video. Got the same message, but it took only 45 seconds to generate. I’m running v3 public release firmware with Wyze Android app 2.15.51.

Just as an FYI, I just did a quick video from live on IOS without any issues. Quick, no message and straight to the album, so this may be Android specific

I had been getting this and I didn’t think much of it, thinking it had to do with the new compression they were using for the V3…apparently I UNDERTHOUGHT something for once…

I will submit some logs

Maybe it took longer for me because I was at the airport. I will try again when I am connected locally to the same wifi network.

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