V3 Pro - sharing issues

I am well versed in sharing v2 and v3 cameras with family members, never an issue. I can configure a v3 Pro to share in the master account. The family member I shared with sees the share request and accepts. However, the camera never shows up in their list of cameras. Events from the new camera do show up, but the camera itself never shows up. I tried this with 3 family members and two v3 Pro cameras, same result all 6 times.

Does anyone else experience this apparent bug?

@Swangler I am sorry this is happening, can you verify that the app they are using is up to date? Support for Wyze Cam v3 Pro was not added until 2.36 earlier versions may not work.


You are right, the key was having the family members that I was sharing with update the Wyze app in the Google Play Store. I was on the recent one but they were not.