V3 Pro not showing on my second iPhone

I have 7 V3 cameras around the outside of my house. All of them work well. I replaced my driveway cam with a V3 Pro. I set it up on my iPhone 13 and shared it with my brother. He accepted the share and can see the camera from the iPhone that he shared it on, however I can not see the camera from my other iPhone nor any of my Alexa devices. My brother can only view my V3 Pro on the phone he accepted my share on and he can not view it on any of his other devices. I checked my wife’s iPhone and she can not view the new camera either. Is anyone having this same issue and if so have you been able to resolve it and how? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Welcome to the user-to-user forum, @Kodaktech!

More detail needed here. Exactly what devices can’t see the Pro?

There are known limitations. I do not know about Alexa limitations vs the Pro, but on the iPhone you need iOS 14 or above to run the current Wyze app. So the iPhone 6 and before and any tablet not running iOS 14 will not be able to see it.

Only the (November 1, 2022) app or above will know about the V3 Pro, and that needs iOS 14.

So if you are capable of running iOS 14, or just haven’t updated the app, please do so. :slight_smile: