V3 Pro Events Stops Uploading

My V3 Pro recently stopped uploading videos to the cloud. In the app it will show the events like this.

When you tap on the event it will show a picture of the person detected.

I have to power off then power on the V3 Pro in order for it to work. Then the next day it will stop uploading again. I have Cam Plus subscription active on this camera.

Anybody else seeing this problem?

Thank you.

Maybe you can try to remove the Cam Plus from the cam power cycle it. Add the Cam plus back to the cam again and see if it works or do another power cycled after you add the CP back. I only had one issue a week ago when I let the trial version expire and added a paid version of CP. I had to power cycle the V3 Pro to get the paid version to work correctly.

Will give that a shot. Thanks for the suggestion. :slightly_smiling_face:

Can you view the V3 Pro on your iMac or PC?

I cannot view the events using the browser on my PC. It shows this error.

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