V3 Pan cam not showing 12 second events

I purchased a pan v3 and signed up for Cam plus lite, but i can’t assign it to the camera. In the app it should let me add a camera, but the option isn’t there.
I have cleared the cache and reinstalled the app, but it only shows a still if the camera is activated.
I have another V3 camera with Cam plus for the exterior, and it works fine.

The pan cam v3 does not support cam plus lite

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Wish i knew that before I bought it.
May have to look in to another brand.

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Yea any cameras after the v3 will NOT support cam plus lite

So v3 pro , OG, telephoto, and pam cam v3 will NOT be able to subscribe to cam plus lite.

Some users will just chuck a micro sd card into these cameras and when they want to review an event , will view the playback.

You’ll only be able to see a snapshot of the event and if you want to review the events then you can view it by playback.