V3 offline code 90

V3 cam says “device is offline-error code 90” I have 8 cams…the other 7 working fine…i unplugged cam and restarted phone 3x…still not working…android phone.

Did you recently update the firmware? My V3 is right next to a V2 and both were working fine until yesterday when I updated the firmware. The V2 is still fine but I get the same error code after power cycling the V3.

Same problem. Version 3 with the “Device is offline (error code 90)” error. I have tried unplugging and re-plugging in, tried resetting in the app and tried factory resetting by holding down the SETUP button key for 10+ seconds. Nothing works. When plugged in the camera has a solid red status light.

I have two other V3’s and five V2’s that are working correctly.

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