V2 Cam - Device is offline(error code 90) 7 out of 9 cameras

I have nine v2 cameras installed. After a firmware upgrade in the last week or two 7 out of the 9 cameras are getting error 90 offline. Repeated power on power off cycles and nothing improves. Solid yellow light on the back.

These cameras were installed in the summer of 2020.

Did the firmware upgrade brick these 7 cameras?

Any way to recover?

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New V2 firmware 1574 released. Try that. So far, hear no feedback with problems.

Interesting. All of my cameras that wont connect are on firmware 1472. The two that are working are on 1574. The ones on 1472 won’t connect so upgrades will have to be via the micro sd card method trekking through snow and climbing ladders in the snow sucks.

My advice so far is avoid 1472 like the plague on v2 cameras.

It was 1472 that bricked 7 of my 9 cameras. I guess two of mine made it to skipping 1472 up to 1574 and worked fine. I loaded 6 of the bricked 1472 cameras with 1574 and they are working fine. I need a ladder in the snow for the last camera. 3 of the cameras required 2 or 3 reset starts with the microsd/firmware before they would “take”.

Firmware testing and QC, what’s going on?